Da Brasileira aos dias de hoje

Kaffa is the legitimate heir of the famous “A Brasileira” Coffees.

A story initiated by Adriano Telles who opened his first coffee store “A Brasileira” on 4 May, 1993, in the city of Oporto, which would give rise to one of the most iconic coffee stores in Portugal and Europe two years later.

História Cafés Kaffa

A story of aromas, feelings and emotions that is mixed with the Telles family itself, who sought to preserve it from generation to generation.


From the small store in Chiado to an approximate area of 4000 m2, a lot has changed, but not the will to do more and better.

Cápsulas de Café de Kaffa

Today, Kaffa is a young, modern and urban Brand,
that offers the most demanding “Expresso Lovers”
a creamy and natural coffee that doesn’t use any additive
or chemical in its composition.


A Brand that continues to write a successful story every day.


Óscar Galvão, the current president, has consistently modernized the company and strongly been committed to innovation.
The direct consequence of this factor was the specialization of the manufacture of coffee capsules.
A totally automated process and with a current production capacity of 500 million capsules per year.

Chávena de Café